GM Fish: It’s What’s for Dinner!

In an article in Heartland’s Environment & Climate News I detail the FDA’s long overdue approval of the first genetically modified animal for human consumption — the Aquabounty Salmon.  After ten years of development, testing, paperwork, hearings, etc… the FDA found that the salmon was safe for human consumption and posed no threat to the environment. 

The latter is understating the case.  The salmon, rather than simply posing no threat to the environment, should be a boon for the environment — reducing fuel use, water pollution and reducing the pressure on our diminishing wild salmon stocks.  In addition, it should be a boon for people, especially those in chronically food challenged developing countries by speeding up the time it takes each generation of salmon to reach harvestable maturity.  This increases the overall food supply. 

Only environmentalists wedded to the misguided theological dogma “Nature knows best,” could be against this development.  Sadly, but not surprisingly, as such people exist.

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