Obama fudges Energy report: Is anyone really surprised?

The recent disclosure that the Obama adminstration altered a report of its scientific panel, indicating that the scientists involved called for a moratorium on offshore oil exploration and production should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the issue at all closely. 

After all, the scientists involved blew the whistle on the adminstration’s misportrayal of their conclusions within days of Interior Secretary Salazar claiming that the scientific report recommended the moratorium.  Just the opposite was true.  Rather the scientist said a moratorium was not called for and would probably result in more environmental and economic damage than continued drilling. 

President Obama had claimed that the previous adminstration let politics overrule science and vowed that his adminstration would bring Change to environmental and energy policy by following the science.  When faced his first big environmental challenge, he did just the opposite — and sent others out to lie about it.

Even before this report a Federal Court had twice struck down the Administration’s unsupported offshore moratorium — and in a serious breach of Constitutional authority, was twice ignored.  Imagine the uproar in the mainstream media that would have ensued had the Bush adminstration similarly ignored Federal court rulings striking down its environmental policies.  When Prseident Bush’s policies were overruled, his adminstration asked for a stay and took their arguments to a higher court.  What they didn’t do was ignore the court’s ruling and go blithely on carrying out the policy that had been struck down.   Not so President Obama, who basically told the judge what President Andrew Jackson told the Supreme Court in the 19th century concerning forcing the Cherokee to move from North Carolina and Tennessee to Oklahoma — “Mr. Justice, you have made your ruling, now enforce it.”

The Obama administration’s moratorium was hardly a “change” that we could believe in but rather was a rehash of the ban on offshore drilling that had placed a stranglehold on domestic oil and gas production off much of the U.S. coasts for more than 20 years. 

President Obama’s moratoruim was sour old wine in new bottles — bad policy, bad law and, it turns out, based on doctored reports.

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  1. John Grazhdanin says:

    More of the same from the Obama Administration and, quite frankly, a Democrat-controlled Congress. Obama, et al., are nothing more than Gore-light, and I’m OK with bashing them; they deserve it. But the Dems in Congress are much more culpable. Let’s hope the incoming Congress displays more responsibility and votes for policies based on science and fact, not political goals. IG

  2. Regardless of the particular issue or parties involved, is it not a major red flag to see reports fudged, data misrepresented, facts distorted, etc? In other words, if something has to be tricked up, in order to win someone over, shouldn’t it be obvious that the unadulterated message was a loser to begin with? And as to the party or parties who tainted the information, is this not textbook breach of public trust?

  3. MONTE says:

    Unelected czar offcials making policy decisions taht affect our security based on Al Gore relgion of mankind will save the earth Only God will save or destroy the earth and thanls to teh democrsts of playing god through the redistribtion of wealth policy.
    At least the US will be gone by the end of the world

  4. S Rubicon says:

    Is it any wonder at all that the public no longer trusts?? We knew the politicians were lying to us on numerous issues. We also suspected many politically oriented scientists were doing the same. Unfortunately for the Obama administration, there were a few scientists who would not lie for them. They valued their integrity more than the research grants or other benefits of ‘going along to get along.’
    Perhaps most disconcerting is, the media. They have totally abdicated their journalistic integrity & responsibility, for a hyper partisan political social ideology.
    The public continues to suffer. Some of the public are riled into action when budget cuts are called for, despite the very real fact that the debt could bring down America. The media fans those flames with gusto. Yet we find a different story when it comes to the lefts belief in ‘green solutions.’ The media has downplayed the “Climate Gate” scandal. They ignore it. This scandal shows that there really is a movement afoot to create & control policy of nations. There really is an effort by a select group, to feather their own bank accounts by sucking the very life out of everyone else. Still, the media mute their responses.
    President Obama may have violated the law. Yet the media make no mention of it. There are no Sunday morning talk show discussions on the issue & any discussions that may crop up, have one sided panels always advocating for the president’s position.
    We may have a president who ignores our constitution. For that he can be held legally liable one day. But, there is no mechanism in place to deal with a media who has evaded its responsibility to its own professional standards or to the truth, let alone the very real need for truthful free speech.
    God help us… these folks are not!

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