Hydrogen-fueled Cars?

Toyota is developing the first hydrogen fueled car to hit the market. Competing with other alternative fueled vehicles, the Toyota Mirai will be the first of its kind that will be mass marketed to the public. A direct rival/competitor to the electric cars, the hydrogen car compares to electric cars by price, range before refueling, refueling time and fueling stations around the United States.

2015 Toyota Mirai’s hydrogen fuel cell car, without the subsidies:

  • $57,500 a car.
  • 300 mile range.
  • Refuels in 5 minutes.
  • 12 hydrogen fuel stations around the U.S.

Electric cars, without the subsidies:

  • A $29,000 car would take 16 hours to recharge/refuel with a range of 84 miles.
  • The Tesla car costs $75,000 and take 5 hours to recharge/refuel and a range of 240 miles.
  • 9,533 electric recharge/refuel stations in the U.S.

Who will win, the hydrogen or the electric car, as the top choice of alternative fueled cars?

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  1. Eva Netherlands says:

    Are there any plans to increase the number of hydrogen fueling stations around the country?

  2. CRS says:

    The competition from gasoline fueled cars may be a factor as auto mileage continues to increase and oil continues to become less costly.

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