Big Battery Energy Project

Installing batteries in power lines helps manage supply and demand of energy to consumers. The largest power transmission and distribution company in Texas, Oncor, has a $5.2 billion plan that intends to use 5 gigawatts of batteries to store electricity at night and then use it during the day.

Critics believe that this plan would undermine the competitive energy market. However, the plan is in very early developmental stage and faces stiff resistance that includes hefty government regulations.

The new energy plan by Oncor comes at a time when Texas leads the nation in wind energy and how wind energy is becoming more of a viable option for nighttime energy consumption.

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  1. Lewis E. says:

    In my opinion, energy storage is much more exciting a prospect than the actual ways we acquire energy.

    Microgrids could replace current energy suppliers (and they won’t go quietly I’m sure), but for that to happen the costs of gathering have to go down and the batteries obviously need to improve substantially.

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