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On Guns: Obama’s Moment of Futility

Critics of Republican attempts to attach a repeal/defund-Obamacare rider to must pass legislation complain that it, and all the votes to do the same before it, were futile and a waste time and effort since these provisions and/or the bills they are attached to will never pass the Senate or get by a promised veto […]

Obama Puts Politics ahead of People on Guns

On guns, President Obama is either willfully ignorant or just doesn’t get it.  According to a report commissioned by his own CDC, ·         Most indices of crime and gun violence are getting better, not worse. ·         Handguns, not so called assault weapons, are the tools of criminals.  ·         Mass shootings aren’t a problem.  ·         Gun […]

Gun Control through the International Terminal

Ambassador John Bolton and UC-Berkeley legal scholar John Yoo have written a timely piece in the Wall Street Journal concerning the Obama Administration’s efforts to get gun control through to back door after his failure to ram it through Congress earlier this year.  To quote: Even before his most ambitious gun-control proposals were falling by […]

Stand your Ground on Stand Your Ground Laws.

Self-defense is a natural right, and I can’t think of a single country where it is not also a legal right recognized for all people. In response to the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, there has been criticism of state “stand-your-ground” laws that say individuals do not have a duty to retreat […]

The Truth about Guns Shoots Down Obama’s Claims

When a government report, one that you, as President of the United States, ordered, undermines claims you’ve been making for months to gain support for new regulations, well . . . you’re in trouble. This is just what happened to President Obama this week.  In the aftermath of the horrific mass school shooting in Newtown, […]

More Guns, Less Crime: Lott once again proven right!

My colleague and friend, noted economist Dr. John Lott has been telling anyone who would listen for the past decade and a half that more guns in law-abiding hands (especially when carried) result in lower crime rates.  His data driven argument flies in the face of liberal claims that more guns result in more violence […]

On Government Ammo Purchases, Do the Math

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder about the Obama administration’s recent run on ammunition. Beginning in the summer of 2012, various federal agencies began purchasing large amounts of ammunition – agencies which aren’t often thought of as having a law enforcement capacity, much less a substantially armed policing force:   the Social […]

Obama’s gun proposals: Much Sound and Fury signifying nothing

Nothing can make up for the lost and shattered lives which occur every time there is a public shooting. Sandy Hook and all the senseless massacres before it cry out for explanation and justice.  Everyone agrees that action should be taken to reduce the likelihood of such shootings or, when they occur, the amount of […]

Guns, Global Warming and Gore: Irony on display

My first post in the New Year covers a number of interesting items that I’ve noticed receiving too little coverage in the past few days. Guns: Despite what the general public is led to believe by media coverage (perception is not necessarily reality folks) rifles, including the faux military rifles, are used to kill fewer […]

Appeals Court Overturns Illinois Ban on Concealed Weapons: NCPA cited in ruling

In a major victory for gun rights advocates, the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit in Chicago, on Tuesday December 11, struck down a ban on carrying concealed weapons in Illinois, the only remaining state where carrying concealed weapons is entirely illegal. In issuing its ruling, among other cases and papers, the […]