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A Reevaluation: Does Environmentalism Necessarily Mean Radicalism?

What does the average citizen think of when they hear the term environmentalist? Answer: a tree-hugging, bulldozer-sabotaging, disobedient hippie, who hates modernization and technological innovation. However, while these connotations may apply to some (very few) environmentalists, I assure you that this is a completely skewed and absurd definition. Nevertheless, environmentalists have understandably earned this bad […]

Environmentalism: Achievements and Mistakes

Nearly forty-four years ago, the first Earth Day energized the environmental movement. The event gave form and substance to long-simmering concerns about the environmental side effects of free enterprise. It empowered the leaders of the environmental movement to pursue safeguards through the political process. Unfortunately, environmental leaders made a very costly, fundamental error at the […]

Environment Policy Digest and the Global Warming Primer: For those who need to read!

It’s time I did some long overdue promoting of the entire gamut of the environmental work that the NCPA does.  If you are reading this, then you already know about my blog so I won’t dwell on it further. First, I want to take a second chance to promote the NCPA’s new, updated edition of […]

Environmentalists against humans: Green is the Color of Misanthropy

I have long noted a virulent strain of rabid misanthropy among the intelligentsia of the environmental movement.  From professors longing for the next deadly infectious disease strain to come along to philosophers who peg the ideal human population at 100 million, only 1.4 percent of the present population of 7.1 billion, hatred of humanity is […]

Putting Reality back into Energy Education

A few weeks ago I was asked to join an effort to encourage university’s to not divest mainstream energy sources from their endowments.  Environmental lobbyists are encouraging students to blindly follow their claims concerning global warming and to protest colleges’ investments fossil fuel companies.  In response, some colleagues of mine put together an outstanding letter and proposal to improve […]

Green Schools That Aren’t Very Green

A report in the USA Today found that “green” schools in other states don’t actually perform as promised. The report, “Green Schools: Long on promise, short on delivery,” gave this example from the Houston Independent School District: The nation’s seventh-largest school district added features such as automated light sensors and a heat-reflecting roof, in hopes […]

Los Angeles Adds Rail, & $Billions, but Not Riders

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley – Thomas talks glowingly of rail transit in Los Angeles in a recent Honolulu Star-Advertiser commentary. However, nowhere did he say that rail transit had reduced traffic congestion or increased transit ridership. There is a good reason for this — it did not happen. It is useful to consider […]

The Atlanta Transit Tax: For the 1 Percent

  Voters in Atlanta, with some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation, are being asked to approve a new tax that would spend more than 50% on transit, in an urban area where transit carries only 1% of travel (Figure). No one is naive enough to think that the new billions for transit […]

How The Lorax Learned to Love Foresters

Tomorrow, the motion picture version of Dr. Seuss’s book “The Lorax” will hit the big screen and the reviews indicate it sticks to the original 1971 storyline. In “The Lorax,” a businessman, the “Once-ler,” moves into town, cuts down all the trees and destroys the forest, air and water in the process. A furry creature, […]

Fraud and Heartland: A Scandal for Climate Alarmists not Skeptics

The past week a great deal of ink has been spilt and bytes used covering the theft (through fraud) and release of private documents from the Heartland Institute.  Some of the documents were real, but the main document was evidently fabricated – yet this is the document that sparked an acclaimed climate researcher, a strong […]