Guns, Global Warming and Gore: Irony on display

My first post in the New Year covers a number of interesting items that I’ve noticed receiving too little coverage in the past few days.

Guns: Despite what the general public is led to believe by media coverage (perception is not necessarily reality folks) rifles, including the faux military rifles, are used to kill fewer people yearly than either hammers or hands.  Don’t believe me?  Check with the FBI.

While any number of murders is too many, I hear no calls to ban the real killing tools, hammers and the hands that wield them.

Global Warming: Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal (and Matt Ridley) did everyone favor once again by publishing important news that other news sources – one would presume because it violates their bias – didn’t touch.  The news: the forthcoming report by supposedly the one and only authoritative body speaking on climate change, the U.N.s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, estimates that future warming due to human causes will be approximately half their most recent predictions and much lower than the amount of warming predicted in IPCC’s first three reports.  According to the IPCC a doubling of CO2 will lead to a warming of just 2.9 to 3.1 0F, significantly lower than the 5.4 to nearly 7 degree warming most recently estimated.

This brings the IPCC’s estimates much closer in line with estimates made for the past few years by Virginia climate scientist Pat Michaels than their own previous estimates.  The more we learn – and follow the evidence not rhetoric, flawed models or altered data – the less we have to fear.

Gore: It seems that the former failed presidential candidate has found a new way to make money: BIG OIL!  Gore, who’s family originally made their money through wielding political power and growing tobacco, is perhaps best known as the world’s foremost (and highly publicized) climate alarmist.  Gore never met a fossil fuel, or fossil fuel company that he didn’t bemoan.  For Gore, oil companies were the Devil – paying shills to deny climate science.  Well the Devil may be a bad fellow and all, but evidently not bad enough that Gore wouldn’t get into bed with him and, more importantly, take his money.  Gore refused to sell his company flailing television station Current TV to Glenn Beck; too unsavory a character evidently.  Rather, he sold the company for $500,000,000 (with Gore pocketing $70,000,000 – $100,000,000) to Al Jazeera, a Qatar owned television station.  Where does the Al Jazeera get its funding?  From the oil rich Qatar government – more than half its revenue comes from oil — and the royal family.

Imagine that, Gore the planet’s champion taking filthy, oil-soaked, lucre.  Evidently the green of money trumps saving green mother nature.

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  1. Gabriel Odom says:

    On Global Warming, I particularly enjoyed the respect and mathematical rigour that Dr. Michaels exercised in his study. It is a great pity that the IPCC couldn’t be bothered to publish anything factually accurate.

  2. Lizze says:

    Al Gore’s big pay day with selling his current TV station, “Current”.

  3. Lizze says:

    Well at least Gore got a better tax deal, seeing as he closed the sell on December 31, 2012.

  4. Mary says:

    Gore was one of the main investor’s in Occidental Oil so his disdain for the oil industry is hypocritical. Gore has made millions on his global warming nonsense. Gore’s lifestyle doesn’t reflect concern for the environment but reflects greed.

  5. Brian Williams. says:

    Guns and annumition are in high demand as Americans anticipate legislation that will restrict Second Amendment rights. I saw this sign the other day:


  6. Kyle says:

    The previous assault weapons ban was a joke. Apparently there exists a threshold for attachments and magazine capacity which mysteriously turns your average run-of-the-mill hunting rifle into a wmd.

    The Gun Show loophole means that in the unlikely event the gov. ever comes around to collect my weapons, I sold them. Conveniently. Months ago.

    Knee-jerk reactions like this only empower the crazies who commit these crimes.

  7. Autumn says:

    Since the early 90’s the population has been increasing while murders and violent crime has been decreasing. We are doing something right and our reactionary attitude should be more cautious with respect to this issue and not make any big changes to gun laws.

    Rifles and shotguns are primarily used for hunting and recreation. They should be off the table in this debate.

    • Mary says:

      Umm…..population is decreasing and has been for some time.

      • Mary, population is not decreasing. In some countries it is falling, and the rate of growth overall is declining but in the worldwide and in the U.S. population is still growing and the U.N. estimates that it will peak at approximately 9 billion people.