EPA Attacks Coal

Part of President Obama’s plan to fight climate change includes closing down 140 existing coal fueled power plants. The plan calls for a shift from carbon emitting sources of energy to more efficient renewable source that will do less to affect the climate.

Impact of government action:

  • 140 coal plants closed
  • Those plants account for only 4 percent of all CO2 emitted last year by U.S. coal plants
  • Coal facilities will provide 30 percent of the nations’ electricity
  • Down from 52 percent in 2000
  • 35,000 to 38,000 coal industry jobs lost

According to USA TODAY:

The electric power industry’s plan to retire more than 10 percent of its coal-fired generators within a decade will do almost nothing to reduce emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide.

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  1. Energy Sense says:

    This is just another example of this Presidents maladroit decision-making.

    Replacing coal fired firm energy with non-firm renewable resources will increase American energy rates considerably, which does not appear to be of concern. This bad decision has the added feature of losing good jobs in already impoverished states.

    His administration is against coal yet sanctions wood burning to produce electricity as renewable and green. The reality of this policy is that wood has more harmful particulates and generates more CO2 than coal. There is no excuse for this hypocrisy, other than politics!

    This President has already wasted nearly $1 Trillion tax payer dollars on bad energy decisions and expenditures.

    The spending of more tax money to build high cost renewable before reducing wasteful energy use is ham-fisted.

    Lastly the Fed.’s program for energy reduction, has failed miserably primarily due to political influences. It has hired Energy Services Companies that hosted the Presidents basketball shooting skills while wasting $Millions on failed energy savings projects. One School District had to sue this company due to illegal expenditures, yet this same company remains on the Fed.’s roster as a valued energy services company.

    Overall this President’s energy policy is a total failure unless you are trading 5 “green” plants for 1 deserted one, and then it makes sense.

  2. Lloyd Bentsen says:

    Thank you!

    Yes, more and more reckless behavior from our President and his EPA. Adds to the government waste while damaging our economy.

    All of this for plain, simple and wrong political reasons. Sadly, we have another 2 years more of this…

  3. John Minich says:

    I think another example of government incompetence (and perhaps a case of “anti-science”), is that solar energy is not renewable energy, it’s external energy. Wind energy is also not renewable, since it’s produced by the effects of solar radiation. A point that seems to be disregarded is that both solar power and wind are unreliable, since they are intermittent and variable. With wind, not enough wind, little or no power produced, too much wind, the windmills must be feathered and stopped, no power produced. With solar, there are clouds and fog, in northern latitudes, snow and long winter nights.

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