Keystone XL Good to Go, But Wait…

In an article by Rich Lowry of the National Review this week, a new Department of State review of the New Keystone XL Pipeline Application concludes that the pipeline poses no environmental hazard, among other evidence, and supports the construction of the pipeline. Unlike the Alberta Clipper pipeline project, Keystone XL had become the focus of harsh attacks from fringe groups that caught the attention of the White House. Even though Keystone XL would add 800,000 barrels a day to our refineries, strengthen our strategic resources and give an economic boost; the final authorization for the pipeline may never happen — we will just have to wait and see.

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  1. Luca T. says:

    The major problem is environmentalists believe that if the Keystone Pipeline is stopped, oil drilling in Canada will stop. With or without the pipeline there would be drilling in Alberta and there would be environmental impact. What they have to realize is that either we build a pipeline that is going to help the U.S. economy or Canadians will find another way. Instead of ferociously opposing the construction they should be asking for profit sharing. Some way in which a portion of the revenues from the pipeline, are invested in programs established to improve the environment.

  2. Ricky S. says:

    No action by the President, left forces trying to stop development, environmentalist fighting for a lost cause, and Canadians drilling. That is the perspectives on the Keystone Pipeline. The President said he would do something, but as something that has become usual, he doesn’t fulfill his promises. The left forces believe that they will cause a major blow to the right if they can stop the pipeline from being a reality, while they are actually harming the whole U.S. economy. The environmentalists believe that they are doing a major benefit to the earth, when the impact of the actual pipeline is almost none. And, Canadians who are drilling their territory will find a way to refine the oil regardless of the pipeline or not. We are facing a deadlock for reasons that seem like discussions of little kids. All pull towards their side without knowing that at the end all will end up suffering from their inaction. (Except probably Canadians, who with pipeline or not will keep drilling and will find a way to refine it).

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