Lower Energy Prices Help Many Americans Stay Warm

Many Americans struggle during the winter with expensive and excessive consumption of energy resources to keep warm. Inflated energy prices really puts a strain on many families and their budgets. However, this upcoming winter will be a bit easier to get through, thanks to the fracking boom.

  • Propane prices are 24 percent and consumption is 13 percent lower.
  • Oil price reduction allows a 15 percent reduction in heating oil energy spending.
  • Homes will use 10 percent less gas and 5 percent gas bill reduction.

The recent fracking boom has not only lowered energy prices for consumers, but also benefited the United States economy. Fracking’s benefits are very important to American consumers. This benefit will increase as fracking technology advances and the option to export our natural resources becomes more of a reality.

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  1. Beatrice says:

    Recent disturbances in the energy market are bad for institutional investment and hedge funds but good for consumers.

  2. Santiago says:

    Why is consumption falling though? The economy is improving, and starting to heat up (no pun was intended). You would at least expect consumption to remain stable.