Penn State Prof Says Tornadoes an Ethical Issue

Pennsylvania State University associate professor of environmental ethics Donald A. Brown has posted an essay on the Penn State server in which he claims, “ethics requires acknowledging the links between tornadoes and climate change despite scientific uncertainties about increased frequency and intensity of tornadoes in a warming world.”

Brown acknowledges, “This is not to say, however, that the intensity and frequency of tornadoes will surely increase in the years ahead.”

Moreover, “it is not clear that climate change will be responsible for more tornado caused damages.”

Nevertheless, according to Brown, ethics “requires” broadcast meteorologists and weathermen “acknowledging the links between tornadoes and climate change.”

Your tax dollars at work at Penn State University.

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  1. Jason Sapp says:

    Tell Mr. Brown to explains the tornadoes in the 70’s then.

  2. Dennis Crouch says:

    Ethics is ethics and science is science.You don’t prove science with ethics. You use science to find proofs of relationships between scientific variables.I’ve never seen an ethic variable before. “Environmental ethics” is interesting as a title but hardly worthy of a science.

    I’m willing to learn more but the article was hardly compelling and appears to be without merit.