Replace EPA Tyranny with a Democratic 50 State Council

A new¬†study by Jay Lehr of the Heartland Institute explains a five year plan that replaces the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)¬†with a 50 state “Committee of the Whole” group of environmental agencies. The plan effectively replaces the EPA, a federal entity that has been known to over exert its power and abuse power.

  • Net reduction in federal environmental spending of $6.2 billion a year.
  • 15,000 EPA employees to 300 “Committee of the Whole” staff of six representatives from each state.
  • $20 million to each state ($1 billion).
  • Continued research and development at a national level ($1 billion).

Are you in favor of the EPA, or this new plan?

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  1. Environmental Steve says:

    I’d say that any plan that includes ending a government agency and replacing them with a nationwide democratic council is a plan worth enacting.

  2. Matthew says:

    Just based on the savings alone, getting rid of the EPA is a good idea. And replacing it with a council from representatives of each state sounds like a freer alternative economically.