Still Too Early for Solar Energy

Many are claiming that solar energy is both great for the environment and a good investment. The focus has been on solar panels that are mounted on top of homes. Several nations and some states in the U.S., have been utilizing this renewable energy resource. However, solar energy is too new of an energy source to invest in at this time.

How can we tell? If the government is still giving any kind of financial incentive, then that means that the market has not caught up and it is still overpriced. Currently, the U.S. federal government gives a 30 percent tax credit for installing a solar energy system at home. On top of that, cash is also given directly to new solar systems ― Utah gives out $2,000 in cash incentives.

The day that tax credits and direct money incentives disappear, is the day that renewable energies, such as solar power, are priced closer to a solid and efficient energy market. That is the day you should invest in solar energy for your home ― if it is at a good price.


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  1. CRS says:

    Excellent perspective.
    When the subsidies are no longer necessary, private capital will rush into the market to supply products. To wit, subsidies were not needed to underwrite the manufacture of special use solar panels for application on ranch electric gate openers or to keep travel trailer batteries slow charged. As the price performance of solar power increases, usage will also increase and without subsidies.

  2. Jake Sanders says:

    Solar energy: The next big thing since 1950

  3. Amanda N. says:

    And of course, there is the environmental issue of manufacturing more solar panels, which in my opinion is drawing away real attention which should be given not to the cells themselves… but to the incredibly inefficient batteries we still use to store that energy, and energy lost simply in its transfer across great distances (through power lines).

  4. Ken says:

    No brainer. Inefficient and unreliable. Any environmental impact is offset by toxins associated with producton of cells & batteries. If you think solar & wind farms are great you have been sold a proverbial bill of goods, pig in a poke.