Super Bowl is Good for the Environment?

The Super Bowl is the most watched television broadcast in the United States with an estimated 111 million people watching each year. The amount of electricity consumed during the broadcast exceeds 11 million kilowatt-hours or equivalent to the amount of electricity generated by a medium-sized power plant.

However, right before and during game time, electricity consumption drops 5 to 7 percent on an average Sunday afternoon in winter. Research conducted by Opower suggests that there are several reasons for this drop in electricity consumption:

  • People gather at public places to watch the event and leave their homes with most everything turned off.
  • Most appliances around the house are turned off during the Super Bowl.

Hardly anyone would have guessed that the Super Bowl is good for the environment and conserves electricity.

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  1. CRS says:

    Surely you offer this as a “tongue in cheek” comment.
    It would be ludicrous to actually believe such foolishness.

  2. Jake Sanders says:

    This premise would be interesting to explore globally during the World Cup which leads to mass gathering.