Homeland Security/EPA Seize Family’s Land Rover

Department of Homeland Security agents were required to seize a family Land Rover for violating EPA emission standards. The imported Land Rover Defender is on a list of vehicles that are being illegally imported to the United States because they do not meet very strict emission standards.

  • All vehicles entering the U.S. must meet both very strict safety and emissions standards.
  • A list of vehicles are to be seized from their owners because apparently, the VIN number for their cars have different owners listed.
  • Owners of the seized vehicles have 35 days to appeal the seizure.
  • If all VIN numbers on the vehicle match, then the vehicle should be returned to the owner.
  • DHS agents in this case are not telling the owner of the Defender where the vehicle is located so that the VIN numbers can be checked.

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  1. CRS says:

    Why is the DHS even involved in such a matter?

    What threat to the security of America can such a vehicle pose?

    Ditto for the EPA; why not the states handle such things when the annual safety inspections are done?

    Could it be these federal agencies are just too large and looking for something to justify their existance or ???

  2. Msgtdubb says:

    What the hell does DHS have to do with that. That is a state issue and should be handled at the local level. DHS, should be on the southern border securing our nation against the surge of illegal aliens.These agencies have way too much authority.