SOTU NCPA: Energy Forecast or Lack of One

With the State of the Union Address tomorrow night, we can expect the president to talk about energy and environment ― much more about environment than energy. The president’s actions show how low of a priority our national security and energy independence is on his list of “top issues.” Besides speaking at international climate summits around the world and having a climate change researcher siting with the first lady tomorrow night, the president lists energy #7 out of his 7 top issues. With a listing after climate change, the energy and environment section is then split in half between energy and environment topics with the other half covering climate change.

Here are the very few energy topics listed:

  • Reducing Our Dependence on Foreign Oil ― the administration admits to current increased amounts of domestic oil production as the factor that is reducing our foreign oil dependence. Increasing that production is the solution, not decreasing carbon emissions and more renewable energy sources.
  • Safe and Responsible Domestic Oil and Gas Production ― the plan is to aggressively regulate oil and gas production, hydraulic fracturing, artic drilling and rail safety. Regulations will increase inefficiencies and costs.
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies ― more regulations targeting new and existing coal-fired power plants. Already costing billions to implement, such regulations will greatly increase costs for plant operation, weaken the economy and burden taxpayers.
  • Advancing Clean Energy ― a series of renewable usage in homes goals, tax credits and subsides. All government interference in the energy market is artificial and ends up harming everyone.
  • Advancing Energy Efficiency ― the administration’s view of energy efficiency is cutting down carbon emissions and reducing the demand for U.S. oil. Energy efficiency should actually be how well developed our energy production, transportation and delivery are with the president’s help. Looks like the president has not been interested in true energy efficiency.
  • Developing Clean Fuels ― biofuels are extremely costly, unnecessary and weaken the automobile industry that has to keep up with the outrageous Renewable Fuel Standards.

Our energy independence is a geopolitical/national security issue that should be critical to our nation. We must do all we can to let our energy companies produce and export refined and unrefined energy resources. Only then will we be able to keep ourselves off of foreign oil dependence, keep gas prices low for the poor, increase our role in the global energy market and boost our economy.

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  1. Amal B. says:

    It’s curious to note that any increase in American prices (under normal circumstances) would likely be undercut but only barely by the Saudi’s and the rest of OPEC.. who’ve just been trying to profit-maximize this entire time… Global oil prices could be set at a much higher rate than the natural price level, all due merely to America’s observed propensity for production… That’s my theory at least.